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BestShot is a sports no-loss price games prediction market where die-hard sports fans can socialize and make open predictions with their friends using BestShot SHOT and WIN tokens across many different sports and games in real-time from around the world.

Correction predictions will be rewarded with $WIN tokens based on the odds of the outcome from the top sports stats websites within three hours of the game results with a nominal 1% protocol fee.

Rewards are displayed for each match before the user makes a prediction and is guaranteed to make correct predictions and achieve winning outcomes.

Users who make incorrect predictions will not directly lose their staked tokens. However, the wagered amount will be locked in the private vault, then automatically released to the player's wallet after 30 days. The private vault resides on the blockchain and loses predictions hard-coded in the smart contract, and is 100% secure and verifiable.

Tie-breaking predictions, or canceled matches, will be refunded entirely.

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