The Tokenomics of the game starts with purchasing the SHOT token, which will be available in the open crypto market. From there, two scenarios can happen the win scenario and the loss scenario. If the player wins, they will receive the initial stake back, plus the reward. Players can cash out or purchase items in the system. If a player makes a wrong prediction, they won’t lose their initial stake, but the system will hold the token for thirty days. After that, players who want to retrieve their coins can use a WIN token to get the token back. The holding period for wrong predictions can change based on the amount wagered.


The BestShot Ecosystem consists of several computation modules starting with two core modules: Prediction and Market. The Prediction module is where the player places SHOT tokens as the stake. The Market Module works like a catalog where players make purchases and place wagers within the platform marketplace.


The Predictive Engine, the Dynamic Rewards Calculator, and the Insightful Data Feeder make up the three main parts of the Prediction model. The Predictive Engine uses machine learning technology to analyze market trends, calculate historical odds and player activities from each team, and game statistics. Then it feeds information to the dynamic calculator, which provides the fans insightful data, rewards, and time lock for each game as the fan requests.


The Oracle, Broadcasters, and Validators make up the three main aspects of the Market System. The Oracle works as an aggregator of the official sports results worldwide and feeds them to the blockchain system. Due to the amount of helpful information this platform will compile and generate, many other broadcasters can utilize our data on the internet. Therefore, there are many opportunities to interact with other people online using this data to make it accessible to their broadcasting platforms.

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