The opportunities for BestShot users come from three main areas. First, We are 100% Play2earn DeFi Game, NOT a betting service. BestShot is an excellent alternative to sport betting service; instead, it's more of an entertainment site with many interactive functions that allow users to retain all of the funds used in the prediction process.

BestShot is also a great source of crowdsourcing data compiled from all over the internet on all of the most up-to-date and relevant stats from players, teams, upcoming games, finals, and the list goes on.

Another significant aspect of BestShot, that shines above other sports websites is the remarkably low transaction fees incurred during the prediction process. The BestShot appreciation of token value can be the most crucial part of our platform model. Any increase in capital gains from total demand can increase the worth of the token overtime on the blockchain. Operating on the blockchain is secure and transparent and, as most investors speculate, will continue to gain value in the future. So our tokens will be valuable even in a user's digital wallet outside of our service.

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